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Your Right to Liberation

Navigating your way around life as a gay man presents a unique set of challenges. Family, friendships, love, health, sex. Especially sex! Not all of us are having sex in the safest of environments or circumstances, and it’s important to make sure that you’re always on the right side of sexual health.

It’s Human Rights Day, and so we’ve picked out a few rights and made them relatable to you as a free, sexual being.

  1. Life

    Of all the things on your timeline that “give you life”, knowing how to give yourself life should be the most important. Get yourself tested and know where you stand. It’s your right.

  2. Healthcare

    Healthy sex is sexy. What makes it even sexier is knowing that you are protecting your own health and the health of anybody that you are having sex with. Head on over to to exercise your right to healthcare and find a clinic near you.

  3. Human Dignity

    If anybody comes for you when you haven’t sent for them, block them sis! Your humanity is not up for debate. Carry yourself with the same dignity as a drag queen who’s just won the title.

  4. Equality

    Let nobody tell you what you can or can’t be or do. Top, bottom or anything in between. You deserve the same amount of respect as anybody else in the queer community.

  5. Personal Privacy

    Too many people are peeking into places they shouldn’t. If you fear being found out whilst looking for a bit of grinding, leave that sunflower as your profile picture. It’s beautiful.

  6. Freedom of Expression

    If you dyed your hair platinum blonde and you’ve been wearing hats ever since. Or you’ve stashed away that cute top (the item of clothing, please) that you haven’t yet found an occasion to wear it to… don’t delay! Step into the new. Be you!

  7. Housing

    Whether it’s the House of PrEP, or the House of Undetectable, your body is the house that you’re not going to move out of anytime soon, so make sure you keep it in order.

  8. Citizenship

    So you wore pink on a day that wasn’t a Tuesday (also, WHAT were you thinking?!) don’t worry, your transgressions will be forgiven and you will remain a citizen of the queer community.

  9. Freedom of Association

    This isn’t high school anymore. Free yourself of the cliques and link up with the people who make friendship feel like family.

  10. Freedom of Movement

    We don’t doubt that you have fun standing in the corner of the club, but you’ll have even more fun giving your body the freedom it deserves to move. So tighten your fanny pack and live your best life in the centre of the dance floor.



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