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Yellow Dot Doctor

Hey you. You’re probably wondering why this big Yellow Dot is trying to tell you something.

Well, it’s because this big Yellow Dot is very different to everything else. This Yellow Dot, and all the others like it, are a symbol. A symbol that you’re in a safe, non-judgemental space. Here you can talk to your Yellow Dot Doctor about anything. Yes, even THAT thing.

Seriously, try them, they’re un-freakoutable.

Yellow dot Doctors have seen and heard it all, but they always have your best interests at heart. So when you see the Yellow Dot, feel free to open up. Because the more open you are, the better we can treat you.

To find your closest Yellow Dot Doctor click here and select Yellow Dot Doctor as your clinic type.

Most Yellow Dot Doctors are in Gauteng at the moment but will be rolling out in various provinces throughout South Africa.

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