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Winter is coming and so could you.

It’s getting cold out so make sure you take care of yourself while you’re taking care of bizniss.

Gurrrl!  It’s not just the bears that want to hibernate when it’s cold out.

But for some of us singletons this is a luxury we simply cannot afford.  We still have to get our fine asses out there and make sure that we can be appreciated and “scanned and printed” – if you know what I mean!  We have to RE-PRE-SENT!  But we also need to take some precautions to make sure we stay strong and healthy as we play out our A(ss)-game.

We gotta stay hot so we can get us some of that warmth… Mmmm Hmmmmm?

Winter likes to kick a bitch when she’s down, so I always make sure I get myself a good jab – a flu jab – every year.

I visit my doctor (he is such a snack!) or my local clinic if I don’t feel like the drive and make sure I am ready for that ever-changing virus. I haven’t had flu in YEARS! Yes Lawd. Some people think that’s because I’m not a real human and just a porcelain mannequin stuffed with glitter, but that’s just gossip that I cannot confirm or deny at this time.

I also swallow – Vitamin C that is, loads of it.  Mavis, when I fart you smell citrus.  My immune system needs that good shit and together with some collagen supplements from the pharmacy I look sixteen again.  Okay, I exaggerate, but I look amaze.  Zinc, vitamin B and lots of warm veggie soup keeps me stronger than Grace Jones on Creatine. Self-love is key sugarbabes, and I am not just talking about masturbation (although that is one of the safest forms of sex a person can have!)

Also, despite the cold, I keep me some water-based lube and condoms on my person at all times Honey because there is no better way to get warm than to rub two warm bodies up against one another.


Okay, but seriously though *using a butch tone* take care of yourself out there.  You is Important, You is Beula – You is WORTH IT!

The Little Poof.

The Little Poof is a contributing writer for the Anova Health Institute and these are his views, which may or may not reflect those of Anova and its affiliates.

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