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Gay guys have been getting their groove on in toilets for ages. In fact, the unofficial homo history books will testify that our gay ancestors also found it convenient. Nowadays, guys are ‘outchea’ following this tradition, but now they’re using technology to organize it first.


New hookup sites in Mzansi, like, and have brought getting laid in the loo into the 21st century.


They have chatrooms we can use to connect with other gay and bisexual guys in our area, but before we can jump for our smartphones to arrange a quick ‘summin summin’ there are some risks involved we need to get schooled on first.


These websites or apps can be downloaded onto your phone and have chatrooms for almost everybody. They say they can help you to find places near you where you can do more than just ‘kak’. says that more than 4000 000 people have downloaded their app.  You can connect with other peeps from KZN, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Freestate, North West and Northern Cape in cities, lokshins, rural areas and even Universities and Colleges. You can also chat and in whatever language you prefer when using your smooth pick-up lines.


There are chatrooms for straight people as well as the gay community.

There’s one for guys who want to swap MXIT, BBM or WhatsApp contact details

Guys who just want to have a one-night-stand

Guys who want to meet in a nearby toilet or someplace similar

Guys who want long-term relationships and even chatrooms for guys that are HIV-positive and want to vibe with other guys that are positive


These websites say they promote freedom of speech, so the language can be quite rude because you can say what you want.  They also say on their splash page that everyone has a right to privacy so your information is private, and you remain anonymous because people can’t see who posted your message.  This is great to keep on the down-low, but the problem is that you never really know who you are talking to.


Unfortunately, some guys can use these chatrooms to trick guys into meeting them in places so that they can mug them or beat them up. You have to watch out that the guy you’ve been chatting to isn’t a catfish that wants to steal your phone and not your heart.


So be careful and make sure that someone you trust knows where you are going, in case anything happens to you.


Also, if you are going to hookup with someone you don’t know, you can’t be sure if that guy is HIV-positive or has another sexually transmitted infection.  Most guys who are HIV-positive or have an STI don’t even know that they have it because they look strong and healthy. You can’t judge a bae by his cover.


So even if a guy tells you that he is HIV-negative and STI free, he may not be.  Some guys also lie about their status (uWhoa!), which is why you should always take condoms and water-based lube with you to protect yourself. Spit is not enough fam, it causes friction that can harm your ass and make STIs even more of a risk. You can get free condoms and lube at your nearest Health4Men clinic and many other clinics, pharmacies or shopping centres.


Even if you are already HIV-positive, you can still get other STIs, which can be very dangerous for you. No need to be a player that doesn’t play fair and put someone else at risk either.


Nobody is telling you not to play, but if you do, you need to do it in a safer way.


Bruce J. Little is the Content Creator for Anova Health Institute. If you would like to write for us, please email


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