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We The Brave: Tips for Pride

Prep Your Pride Party Pack!

It’s Pride season and, like all good boy scouts, we need to be prepared y’all!  Here’s a short list of tips to prep for one of the upcoming Prides.

  1. SPF your ‘ish’ bish! You’ll be out in the sun for a lot of the day (probably not wearing very much) so make sure you’re covered in a good quality sunblock. Cheaper brands can leave you white and streaky and burn your eyes so spoil yourself with a French-sounding brand.  You’re worth it!  Also, wear a cap, hat or feathered extravaganza headdress to add even more protection from the sun
  1. Stay moist! You’ll be on your feet a lot shaking your ‘tush’, so make sure you stay hydrated with lots of water.  You may have to buy it at the venue, but remember that the tap in the bathroom can be a quick fix for a free refill
  1. Feeling lucky? Make sure you have some condoms and lube handy if there’s a good chance that you’re going to get sassy with a stranger.  You can also pop around to the We The Brave or Health4Men stalls and hook yourself up with some
  1. Get sussed on status! Take twenty minutes out of your reverie to pop into a Health4Men or We The Brave gazebo to get tested.  There’s never a “good” time to find out you’re HIV-positive, but the best time is always ASAP, so you can get treatment.  Remember, it’s easy to manage HIV these days with a healthy ARV regimen
  1. FAQs? You can also pop into a We The Brave or Health4Men gazebo to ask questions about STIs, PrEP, PEP or anything else that you may want to know about how to bolster your sexual health
  1. If you’re single, take a pen with you, one that can write on human skin without a hassle. If you like someone, you can write your digits down on a piece of paper or the back of their leg; it’s the least likely place the number will get rubbed or washed off during the day
  2. Create a cellphone-friendly pouch for your skimpy outfit.  You’ll want your phone on you for the Uber, to take pics and to swap numbers, so make sure that your sexy Pride outfit has a pouch or pocket that you can fit your phone and some cash into for safe keeping.  Prides are like the Bermuda Triangle for cellphones, so keep ‘em safe
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