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Party and Play

Guys are getting together, getting high and getting off, and there’s a movie about it.

It’s known as ‘chemsex’ or party and play (PnP or PNP) and it’s a high-risk sexual behavior that is gaining popularity around the world, particularly amongst men who have sex with men.

It’s the use of one or a combination of drugs to enhance sexual-pleasure and the most commonly used drugs in South Africa are:


  • Crystal Methamphetamine/crystal/meth (also known as tina or tik) which can be snorted, smoked or injected (slammed)
  • Khat/Cat (also known as Miaw Miaw and kitty) is a powder-based drug which is usually snorted
  • GHB/GBL* (G, Gina) is a liquid drug that is diluted with a non-alcoholic drink and drunk or injected with a syringe up the rectum (launching)


These substances can be very addictive and potentially lethal. They lower your inhibitions and make you more likely to put yourself at risk of HIV or other STI infections and they can also lead to overdose and affect your heart rate in dramatic ways resulting in organ failure. Some men only use recreational drugs over the weekend which can still be an indication of psychological addiction as many gay men are unable to have sex without the use of drugs.

Chemsex the documentary will be screened as part of the Encounters film festival in both Cape `Town and Johannesburg at various venues. Details below if you follow the link.


“In the murky London night, in saunas, clubs and private homes, a new epidemic ravages the gay community, Chemsex – a phenomenon in which sex and drugs are inseparable. In a confessional show-and-tell, this Vice-produced documentary invites gay men to bare their souls: tales of loneliness, loss, addiction, alienation and eventual ruin. But the drugs and the uninhibited, prolonged encounters they engender are deeply addictive. There may be no safety manual in an age of Grindr, social media and HIV but these stories cut to the heart: London may be a ‘gay friendly’ city, but isolation, technology and drugs have created the perfect storm – a burning desire for intimacy and, apparently, gratification. It’s as if, in the words of one of an exchemsex – you’ve arrived on a new planet, but you don’t arrive alone.”

Watch the trailer here

Courtesy of Anova / Health4Men and representatives will attend screenings in Johannesburg and Cape Town to discuss issues raised by the film.

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