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May is National Masturbation Month!

  • There is some discrepancy as to when Masturbation Day is, as some think it’s on the 7th of May and others believe it to be the 28th, but why not make it any day you like?


  • Self-loving your manhood is a great way to warm up quickly on those cold winter nights


  • Wanking is also good for building sexual endurance, improving sperm quality and can even help with premature ejaculation


  • It’s a quick and convenient form of safer sex you can do all by yourself


  • Jerking-off may lower your chances of developing prostate cancer


  • According to a study at The University of Sydney, masturbation lowers your chances of insomnia and diabetes. How’s that for a sweet deal?


  • 70% of married people admit to masturbating, so it’s not a solo mission. (The other 20% probably exercised their right to remain silent)


  • Give yourself a hand!


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