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We The Brave: Lube Tube

Lube Tube

Lube versus What is NOT Lube.

Why use Lube?
It makes things easier.

Some parts of your body that are great for sex…

Are not self-lubricating, unfortunately.

Lube is excellent for anal sex.
Silky smooth and a great sensation.

If you don’t use lube, you can get micro-abrasions (small tears) in your anus, which can make you more vulnerable to HIV transmission or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Moisturisers, baby oil, beard oil, cooking oil, butter, margarine or anything with glycerine in it is not good to use because it causes condoms to disintegrate and easily break or fall apart.

Spit is also not a good idea. It dries too quickly and also causes small tears in the anus.

What do we suggest?
Water-based lube.

You can get some from your local Health4Men Clinic or from an Outreach Team.

Take it easier.

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