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Let’s get anal!

Anal sex is common amongst straight and gay people alike.  We don’t get to have the franchise on “backdoor delivery”. But for some reason, society likes to lump all the stigma surrounding anal at our door (front door and back!) But there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s a pleasurable pastime that goes back thousands of years because anal sex feels good for many different peeps, whichever way you swing it (or sling it.) So, let’s get in there and explore a bit more.


There are many anal pleasures to be had.  You can stimulate and penetrate that sensitive, sweet spot with a finger, penis, tongue or sex toy, but before you do, consider the following amazing-anal-advice to minimise putting yourself or anyone else at risk.


–    Avoid a dry spell. Unlike a vagina, the latest razor from Gillette, or an engine, the anus is not self-lubricating. To avoid a potentially painful experience, or getting micro-abrasions (tiny little tears in the skin) using a good water-based lube can make it much easier


–    Keep it clean.  Most people associate the anus with ‘poopookaka’(shit), but there is no reason why you can’t keep that back patio sparkly clean. Many guys have a clean rectum unless they’re constipated or need the loo. Some guys like to ensure the áll clear’ by douching before they have anal sex.  You can get a rubber douching bulb at any local pharmacy near the laxatives section, and they come in different sizes.  It sometimes helps, to ask the staff where you can find a “spuit/spyt” as a local slang term for it.  Always use clean lukewarm water. The lining of your rectum is as delicate as a rosebud, so avoid using soap or any other chemicals up there where the sun doesn’t shine. When using sex toys, wash them after action, with Sunlight and warm water (all that you need), to keep them fresh for next time


–    Take it slow, cowboy! If you or your partner have never had anal sex, or haven’t had it for a while, take the entry process, easy tiger.  When that area clamps in with pain, it can hurt the person at the receiving end, and even result in bleeding and damaging the lining of that sensitive rectum.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It’s supposed to feel good, not painful.  If it does hurt a lot, you should get yourself checked out by a healthcare practitioner, as you may have an enlarged prostate or internal haemorrhoids. Check, please!


–    No oil slips.  When enjoying anal sex and using a condom (which is one of the best ways to protect from sexually transmitted infections), always use a water-based lube and not Vaseline, cooking oil, baby oil, coconut oil, body lotion or anything that may contain oil in it, as it begins to dissolve the condom – not good


–    Spit and polish.  Using spit as lubricant is not a great solution (excuse the pun) because the spit dries very quickly, which can cause friction and tear.  Using precum or semen to lube things up is also not a good idea, as this can put the person being lubed at risk of HIV or other STI transmission


You have the power to get to the ‘bottom’ of having a pleasurable and ‘versatile’ anal experience, and doing so in a way that nobody is at risk – you included!

Bruce J. Little is a contributing writer for Anova Health Institute. These are his views, which may or may not reflect those of Anova and affiliates. If you would like to become a contributing writer for We The Brave or Health4Men, contact

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