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Januworry don’t jive with me, I’m PrEPped.

Guys, over the Festive I was lucky enough to be invited to one of “those” pool parties.  I won’t lie, I did feel like a shady older queen with all the lovely fluffy young twinks that were flitting about, but I had a fantastic time!

Most of the boys at this particular party were quite short and very well built and they spent the majority of the night in speedos and not much else! It truly was Christmas, fam. I felt like I was in a porn adaptation of the Hobbit with all the beula Bilbo Baggins and fabulous Frodo lookalikes I encountered there. But let me tell you, those boys taught me a lot that night. Quite a few of them were dating each other but they all seemed to be in open relationships because it was a free-for-all.  I got whiplash watching these pretty young ones smooching and switching with one another.  They seemed so liberated and carefree and I couldn’t help but imagine that this is what gay life must’ve been like in the 70s before the angst and tragedy that would be Aids in the 80s.

I’m from that fearful 90s generation.  We had HIV and Aids shoved down our throats (and not in a fun deepthroat kinda way either) even before we understood why we got “stiffys”. After midnight we all ended up in a rather spacious jacuzzi together (if you judge me, I will curse you with a case of anal itch) and it was such fun.  They were chatting and kissing, and my voyeuristic tendencies went into overdrive. I was a respectable older Mavis and I kept my handies to myself.  It was only when a particular stud muffin sat on my lap and grinded his backend into me that I firmly cupped his buttocks so as to ensure that my manhood got some room to breathe.

Nothing worse than a Mavis that doesn’t respect boundaries.  Life is not always a buffet sweetie.  You can’t just grab what you want like you’re at a Mike’s Kitchen Sunday carvery.  Nancy!  Respect.  Ask first.  #LectureOver The jacuzzi chit chat revealed to me why everyone was so relaxed and uninhibited, and it was fascinating to discover their secret. They were all on PrEP. “I use condoms, but you know… sometimes I get trashed and when I wake up in the morning, I’m not sure if I did or not.” Said the one bite-sized morsel explaining why he takes PrEP. “I just don’t want to have to worry about broken condoms and all that shit…” said the studly blonde one with the jacuzzi bubbles lapping his perky pecs. “I use it because there’s nothing better than bareback!”, shrieked a particularly filthy delicious looking boy before he plunged his pretty head under the water. It was a revelation.

I saw my doctor the first week of January and I’ve been on PrEP ever since.  It was so easy and there’s even a much cheaper generic version I can buy if my medical aid savings gets spent.

I hope twenny plenny has many more of those jacuzzi parties in store because now, I’m ready!

The Little Poof is a contributing writer for the Anova Health Institute and these are his views, which may or may not reflect those of Anova and its affiliates.


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