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Festive Combo Prevention

Combination Prevention is taking one way of protecting yourself from HIV and other STIs, and combining it with another method of protection to further reduce your chances of infection. So, take your pick, and have it your way this festive season!

Bare necessities for the season
Barebacking is hot! There’s no denying it, but it can be dangerous outside a monogamous relationship. Barebacking increases your chances of contracting HIV or other STIs. So be a good boy this Christmas and keep your present wrapped.

Gift wrapped and ready
You never know when sex will happen, so always carry a condom with you. Minimize the chance of breaking by checking the expiry date before you get down to business. If a condom is expiring in your wallet, you might need to work on those pick-up lines….

Dial things down a notch
In the mood to spread the Christmas cheer? Just remember, reducing your number of sexual partners decreases your chances of contracting an STI. So, shorten that booty-call-list! Keep the dick pics as reminders of the good times.

Visit new places
Negotiate an open relationship with your partner rather than banging behind his back. Maybe you can all play together? Two is company, but three’s a PARTY! Develop a plan that insures that you both stay healthy and stick to the agreed plan.

Riding high
Dora, Tina, Gina, Mary J, Chanel… whatever her name is, she can be risky business. Drinking and drugging can have you screwed repeatedly, in every way. It clouds your judgement and can lead to you engaging in risky business. If you’re going to have a grand slam this summer, DON’T SHARE NEEDLES!

Getting tested never fails
Get tested for HIV and STIs at least every six month. If you’re strapped for cash, don’t worry, pop into a Health4Men Clinic. Testing is free! We’ll be open over the festive season, so why not start the New Year by knowing your status and kick the year off with a safe bang!

Treat yourself
You know better than anyone what gets you going. So, when you’re feeling horny, masturbating can be surprisingly satisfying and hot. Some toys, Some great porn, and boom! Try web-cam sex if you need to share the experience- get some flattering light, place the cam to capture your best angle, and you’re ready to talk dirty.

PREPare for summer
If you haven’t heard about PrEP, seriously, where have you been? It’s like the best thing since the invention of the dildo. If you have multiple sex partners, or strawberry-flavoured condoms are just too vanilla for you, you can go on PrEP treatment to reduce your chances of contracting HIV.

No more hangovers
If you wake up New Year’s morning next to “What’s his face”, don’t panic, just order an Uber and get the fuck out of there.  If you think you might have been exposed to HIV, go on PEP (not the same as PrEP), it’s available for free from any Health4Men clinic. Take within 72 hours of having sex.

Bottoms up!
Sero-positioning is when a person who is HIV-positive, bottoms for a person who is HIV-negative as a preventative measure. If the person with HIV is undetectable (they’re taking their ARVs daily and the virus cannot be detected in their blood) bottoms for a negative person, there is almost zero percent chance of transmission!

Eric Vetter is a contributing writer for Anova Health Institute, these are his views, which may or may not reflect those of Anova and its affiliates.

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