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We all need somebody to talk to¬†about serious matters and we know this isn’t always easy when life goes balls up. We The Brave is here for you when you need us. If you have a question, are looking for tips, searching for a clinic, seeking advice, therapy or simply need to speak to somebody anonymously or as yourself, you can trust us to help.

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Contact A Professional

Dr Ezio Baraldi (PTA)
Maskio – Masculine Medicine
012 342 5704

Dr Geoff Fenn (JHB)
General Practitioner
011 824 7300

Dr Dina de Bruyn (CPT)
General Practitioner
021 422 1506

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Anonymous Chat

Lifeline: 0861 322 322
HIV/Aids Helpline: 0800 012 322

Find A Clinic / Professional
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Looking for a clinic or a healthcare professional where you can freely chat about what’s going down with you? Head through to to find your nearest gay friendly clinic or healthcare provider.

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