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Joburg Pride Competition Details

Terms and conditions: The winner will be decided by a lucky draw and will be announced by the 30th November 2018. Every attempt will be made to get hold of you with the details you have provided, however, if we…

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Hip: A Tight Ass – Not Hepatitis

Gay and bisexual men are at a higher risk of being infected with Viral Hepatitis.  Here are some quick and dirty details to help you steer clear of this virus: Hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver" and Hepatitis A, B,…

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Let’s get anal!

Anal sex is common amongst straight and gay people alike.  We don’t get to have the franchise on “backdoor delivery”. But for some reason, society likes to lump all the stigma surrounding anal at our door (front door and back!)…

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This is a difficult decision to make because disclosure (telling others about your HIV status) can have significant consequences. Consider the benefits as well as the possible negative consequences that disclosure may have for you as an individual. Disclosure can…

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Everyone knows life doesn't stop at 45, yet many people think sex does. As we mature, many gay men feel distanced from or unwelcome at some social venues such as clubs or bars that cater to a younger crowd. Even…

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