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So…What About Gay Divorce?

The birth of the Civil Union Act No. 17 of 2006 (“the Civil Union Act”) granted the long-awaited right of people in same sex relationships in South Africa to enter into civil unions (referred to as marriages or civil partnerships…

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Your Right to Liberation

Navigating your way around life as a gay man presents a unique set of challenges. Family, friendships, love, health, sex. Especially sex! Not all of us are having sex in the safest of environments or circumstances, and it’s important to…

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An Uber uncomfortable situation

By no standard or measurement would I ever fall into the category of small, petite or be anywhere close to portable, but even with my broad shoulders and chubby self, I found myself in the back of an Uber feeling…

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When Ghosting Haunts You

It’s happened to most of us. Ghosting, it’s when someone seems interested in you and then suddenly goes as quiet as a corpse.   Scenario 1. You meet a guy on an app or online, and he seems to be…

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Trolls on Dating Apps may have personality disorders – say, experts. If you’ve surfed the ‘interwebs’ for more than five minutes you've encountered the disturbing phenomenon that is the internet troll.  Vindictive people that cannot resist posting things they know…

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LGBTQIA+ blood is good to go!

It’s World Blood Donor Day today (14th June).  Did you know that the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) are no longer judgy to people because of their gender identity or sexual orientation?  Since 2014, LGBTQIA+ people are welcome to donate…

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