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Gay guys have been getting their groove on in toilets for ages. In fact, the unofficial homo history books will testify that our gay ancestors also found it convenient. Nowadays, guys are ‘outchea’ following this tradition, but now they’re using…

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We The Brave: Lube Tube

Lube Tube

Lube versus What is NOT Lube. Why use Lube? It makes things easier. Some parts of your body that are great for sex… Are not self-lubricating, unfortunately. Lube is excellent for anal sex. Silky smooth and a great sensation. If…

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Let’s get anal!

Anal sex is common amongst straight and gay people alike.  We don’t get to have the franchise on “backdoor delivery”. But for some reason, society likes to lump all the stigma surrounding anal at our door (front door and back!)…

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Blow Jobs: Like a Boss!

Here’s a mouthful on safer oral sex. Whether you’re getting a “job” or giving one, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to taking care of “business”, like your health. Check it out! Take a long hard look…

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WTB:Valentines Day

Don’t get a virus for Valentine’s Day

It’s nice to get something on V – Day, like cards, choccies and champers. But, let’s not make it ‘V’ for “venereal.” The problem with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, genital warts (HPV), hepatitis and HIV,…

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We The Brave:: Serosorting

Say ‘Sero’ What?

Here are a few HIV and STI combination prevention techniques that you may not know about: Serosorting, what’s that?  This is when an HIV-positive guy chooses to have sex with other HIV-positive guys, exclusively.  Some guys find this reduces their…

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Festive Combo Prevention

Combination Prevention is taking one way of protecting yourself from HIV and other STIs, and combining it with another method of protection to further reduce your chances of infection. So, take your pick, and have it your way this festive…

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