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A Deadly Secret Affair

Obesity and HIV are a dangerous combination not many know about. Many people believe that HIV-positive people are very thin or underweight.  But this is not the case and is in fact, a dangerous and outdated belief that is rooted…

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The name of the Sh(G)ame

Let’s address the rather large red elephant in the room, shall we? Undetectable viral loads in a person on successful treatment of ARV’s and using PrEP in relation to shame, I feel is a conversation that needs to start happening…

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PrEPped in the (Sh)City

My name is Cadenza Jones and four years ago I decided to pack up my life and relocate to the Gay Mecca of Southern Africa. Fresh off the N1 from Jozi, I earned my keep, putting tin foil in over…

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PARADISE ROAD: A Story of Hope

Riaan Norval's Brave Story Music was my first love. It’s something I was born to gravitate to. My mother always told me I could sing Sonja Herold’s “Jantjie” before I could speak. I’m grateful for my relationship with music for…

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In the three decades I have taken up residence on this greeny-blue planet, I have only spent about two measly years in a relationship. So, let's just say that committing to a long-term relationship was not in my easy-peasy comfort…

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