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Whether it's HIV prevention or treatment, call us and we will link you to care. 0716833226 or 060 633 2512 (Cape Town) Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 16:00 Call | WhatsApp | SMS

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Hip: A Tight Ass – Not Hepatitis

Gay and bisexual men are at a higher risk of being infected with Viral Hepatitis.  Here are some quick and dirty details to help you steer clear of this virus: Hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver" and Hepatitis A, B,…

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When Ghosting Haunts You

It’s happened to most of us. Ghosting, it’s when someone seems interested in you and then suddenly goes as quiet as a corpse.   Scenario 1. You meet a guy on an app or online, and he seems to be…

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Trolls on Dating Apps may have personality disorders – say, experts. If you’ve surfed the ‘interwebs’ for more than five minutes you've encountered the disturbing phenomenon that is the internet troll.  Vindictive people that cannot resist posting things they know…

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30% of all men will develop breast tissue at some point during their lives and this is no laughing matter because it can be linked to very serious illness. Developing glandular breast tissue among men is more common than you…

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