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Khanya Kemami’s transition journey

“I wish I had thought about it more all sooner and saved myself the pain of going through so much self-hate, dysphoria and fear in my teenage life.” Freelance Illustrator, DJ, Tattooist and Trans-Activist Khanya Kemami, 23, talks to us about…

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My thoughts on PrEP

It’s been over 19 months since I started taking PrEP called Tenemine that I got from Health4Men in Greenpoint, Cape Town.  I made the decision after I had an “accident” on a night out to one of the nightclubs in…

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Look, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) happen. But that doesn’t mean we need to allow them to make us feel ashamed, afraid or overwhelmed!  With a decent prevention strategy, MOST STIs can be avoided, and even if you do end up…

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Hunnay, if you are single-handedly putting the ‘HOE’ back into ‘HOE-MO-SEXUAL’, you will not be getting a Judge Judy impersonation from me! Uh Uh!  Nuh Uh!  Nancy Drew the line! Thou shalt NOT! I am NOT a gayzebo, and therefore…

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