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Winter is coming and so could you.

It’s getting cold out so make sure you take care of yourself while you’re taking care of bizniss. Gurrrl!  It’s not just the bears that want to hibernate when it’s cold out. But for some of us singletons this is…

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Risk Management for the heart

I have recently found myself with the unpleasant task of dealing with matters of Life and Death while filling in forms for life insurance and funeral policies, I kept running across a term that intrigued me - Risk Management. When…

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Celebrating Black Queer Love

Gay love stories highlighted by both straight and LGBTQ media people hardly ever show images of gay black couples. When one looks in the media, you never see any posts on Black Queer Love because the face of Queer we…

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I look in the mirror and there’s a knot in my stomach because of the bit of padding that I see on my stomach.  I am nowhere near obese and actually weigh less than the average person my height, but…

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Arion’s Brave Story

RAPED I know that it was Summer. The humidity in KZN can be debilitating. My golden skin glistened. Having a tan living in Durban is hard to avoid. Down the road, opposite the Drive-In, a path past the rubbish dump…

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When Ghosting Haunts You

It’s happened to most of us. Ghosting, it’s when someone seems interested in you and then suddenly goes as quiet as a corpse.   Scenario 1. You meet a guy on an app or online, and he seems to be…

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