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Make Love Not whore

I’ve always been a ropeless homantic. The chocolates, roses and long walks on the beach holding hands?  Yes, Daddy! The problem is that these romantic tendencies have lived predominantly in my head and haven’t really manifested much further than that.…

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I look in the mirror and there’s a knot in my stomach because of the bit of padding that I see on my stomach.  I am nowhere near obese and actually weigh less than the average person my height, but…

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Arion’s Brave Story

RAPED I know that it was Summer. The humidity in KZN can be debilitating. My golden skin glistened. Having a tan living in Durban is hard to avoid. Down the road, opposite the Drive-In, a path past the rubbish dump…

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Let me let (myself) go

A few years ago, I was engaged to a perfect man. At least that is what I believed he was. Everything I had ever wanted was wrapped up in one parcel, looks, humour, intelligence, kindness and for once, I was…

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Coming-Out Drag

When I was little I used to call high heels “cluck-cluck shoes” because of that sound – that authoritative smack – they make on the floor with every step. One of my earliest memories was cluck-clucking my way down the…

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