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Ghosting: Why it hurts so much.

Ghosting, a term that has become popular in today’s lingo which describes disappearing on someone you were dating. (I would like to differentiate between dating and being in a relationship because a lot of people think when you are dating…

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Make Love Not whore

I’ve always been a ropeless homantic. The chocolates, roses and long walks on the beach holding hands?  Yes, Daddy! The problem is that these romantic tendencies have lived predominantly in my head and haven’t really manifested much further than that.…

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Khanya Kemami’s transition journey

“I wish I had thought about it more all sooner and saved myself the pain of going through so much self-hate, dysphoria and fear in my teenage life.” Freelance Illustrator, DJ, Tattooist and Trans-Activist Khanya Kemami, 23, talks to us about…

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“I’m all about linking people to care.”

We The Brave chatted with Lesego Teddy Mohlala the Call4Care Client Communications Liaison Manager about his passion for connecting people with the healthcare and sexual health resources that they need. WTB:  For those who have been sleeping under a rock,…

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