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We The Brave: Tips For Pride

Prep Your Pride Party Pack!

It’s Pride season and, like all good boy scouts, we need to be prepared y’all!  Here’s a short list of tips to prep for one of the upcoming Prides. SPF your ‘ish’ bish! You’ll be out in the sun for…

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Yellow Dot Doctor

Pssst. Hey you. You’re probably wondering why this big Yellow Dot is trying to tell you something. Well, it’s because this big Yellow Dot is very different to everything else. This Yellow Dot, and all the others like it, are a…

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We The Brave – Swing

We’re #BraveEnough to swing. So we’re definitely #BraveEnough to swing into a clinic! WeTheBrave is a sexual health campaign being launched with the MSM community in mind. This is the first large scale campaign ever in our country to specifically…

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In South Africa, 2016 is proving to be a boundary-breaking, stigma-smashing year in the fight against HIV. That's because PrEP, the latest HIV prevention drug, could be available for everyone to use throughout state health care, as early as June,…

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When someone becomes HIV positive, they are infected by a particular virus. It does not mean that they are sick. The HI virus will harm your immune system (which protects your body against germs). This happens very slowly over many…

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In most rural areas in South Africa, traditional healers are the preferred and most accessible healthcare providers. A clear distinction needs to be made between the words 'cure' and 'treat'. While a traditional healer may assist in strengthening your immune…

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Myth 1: ARVs will make you more ill Antiretrovirals (ARVs) reduce the risk of sickness and death in people who are HIV-positive. They are essential for the treatment and management of HIV. There are no other options. ARVs may have…

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We The Brave sat down with Dr. Kevin Rebe, our go-to guy at Health4Men and Infectious Diseases specialist to talk about PrEP. Dr. Kev has been working in HIV for the last decade and is focused on prevention and rolling…

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Ongoing prevention messages regarding consistent use of condoms and water-based lube are essential but you might forget that you have other options available, depending on your unique needs. Combination prevention is a strategy of combining two or more proven HIV…

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