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The name of the Sh(G)ame

Let’s address the rather large red elephant in the room, shall we? Undetectable viral loads in a person on successful treatment of ARV’s and using PrEP in relation to shame, I feel is a conversation that needs to start happening…

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WTB:Valentines Day

Don’t get a virus for Valentine’s Day

It’s nice to get something on V – Day, like cards, choccies and champers. But, let’s not make it ‘V’ for “venereal.” The problem with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, genital warts (HPV), hepatitis and HIV,…

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We The Brave:: Serosorting

Say ‘Sero’ What?

Here are a few HIV and STI combination prevention techniques that you may not know about: Serosorting, what’s that?  This is when an HIV-positive guy chooses to have sex with other HIV-positive guys, exclusively.  Some guys find this reduces their…

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Festive Combo Prevention

Combination Prevention is taking one way of protecting yourself from HIV and other STIs, and combining it with another method of protection to further reduce your chances of infection. So, take your pick, and have it your way this festive…

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We The Brave: Tips For Pride

Prep Your Pride Party Pack!

It’s Pride season and, like all good boy scouts, we need to be prepared y’all!  Here’s a short list of tips to prep for one of the upcoming Prides. SPF your ‘ish’ bish! You’ll be out in the sun for…

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Yellow Dot Doctor

Pssst. Hey you. You’re probably wondering why this big Yellow Dot is trying to tell you something. Well, it’s because this big Yellow Dot is very different to everything else. This Yellow Dot, and all the others like it, are a…

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