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PARADISE ROAD: A Story of Hope

Riaan Norval's Brave Story Music was my first love. It’s something I was born to gravitate to. My mother always told me I could sing Sonja Herold’s “Jantjie” before I could speak. I’m grateful for my relationship with music for…

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Majola’s brave story

I grew up in a township called Zwelitsha, Zone 2 in the Eastern Cape and lived with my maternal grandmother as my parents were not allowed to stay together since they were unmarried and my mother was still in school.…

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I Am The Embodiment of Vastness

My name is Vuyisani Bisholo. I am a second year Finance with Accounting student at the University of Cape Town. I was born in East London in what used to be a small Village, Nxarhuni, but is slowly becoming a…

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When I was in high school my poodle got tick bite fever and because we lived on a farm we kept pet meds in the fridge. The hardest thing for me to do was to puncture her skin and inject…

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I guess you could say I had a catfish scare... Somewhere between Friday night and Saturday morning; porn collection playing on the flat screen; Soundcloud streaming epic tunes. I was chilling on the couch, having a dora et al, alternating…

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It's a common misconception that all gay men are dramatic. But recently I've had to wonder if the stereotype is actually true or not. Of course there are certain things that come into play such as maturity levels and your…

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