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Coming out to my family was not as horrible as I expected. Where was the anger? Where was the disappointment? Where was the disgust? None of that, and I came out as a gay man, drag queen, crossdresser and female impersonator – even appearing on national TV. What an anticlimax!

It turns out I’m one of the fortunate ones. My family wasn’t too bad about me coming out. The line I always laugh at, yet it’s so common, “We knew, we were just waiting for you to say something!”

I am very lucky. Although I can’t deny that many of our brothers and sisters in the LGBTIQA community choose suicide or to remain closeted and suffer in silence because most of their families are not accepting. Yes, it’s a hardknock life both inside and outside our family homes.

A completely different challenge now lies ahead of me: educating my family and helping them to become accustomed to the odds and ends of my life.

Why are they pulling away from me? Why are you forcing that elephant into this room? I’m starting to feel alone and wish I didn’t open that closet door.

Was it all too much‎ for them? I’m still the same person, I haven’t changed, so why are you still avoiding me? YES, I’M GAY FOR GODSAKES! I’M A DRAG QUEEN, YOH! Build the bridge already. Yet, you are the ones who said that you knew all along. Why you gotta front like this?

Now, I realise patience is virtue. They are slowly starting to warm up to the idea. Yes, we are BRAVE to come out, BRAVE to face the challenges that do not always come from the outside community, but from within our family homes as well. BRAVE not to choose the easy way out and end it all!

So BRAVELY, I wear my nail polish and with these painted nails I will win you over.

My hope is that this campaign and the organisation encourages families to come speak to the LGBTIQA community and learn from and about us, especially if they have family members that are also gay.‎ Knowing more will help so many to not choose suicide, drug and alcohol abuse.

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